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Since its establishment, Hunan Xiangfeng Sangzhi White Tea Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “the company”) has been committed to poverty alleviation. First, the company standardised the processing technique for Sangzhi white tea and instructed tea farmers to process the fresh leaves into white tea, increasing the annual income of tea farmers by 60%; Second, we purchased white tea from Sangzhi County, revitalizing the local white tea processing enterprises and increasing tea farmers’ income; Third, we are working hard to improve the popularity and reputation of the brand “Sangzhi White Tea” .

Hunan Xiangfeng Sangzhi White Tea Co.,Ltd. makes efforts to help the locals develop their tea plantations with the model of “leading enterprises + professional cooperatives + tea plantation + poor households”. The local tea enterprises are responsible for purchasing fresh leaves and processing them into white tea, then our company will purchase the County’s white tea for fine processing and sales. Furthermore, the company signed a cooperation framework agreement with the Shataping Township Government to further promote industrial poverty alleviation ,and agreed to provide assistance with its ten villages and tea professional cooperatives. From 2017 to 2019, the company has purchased 350 tons of white tea in Sangzhi County per year, which increased the tea farmers’income by more than 14 million yuan annually, helping 3,500 poor people get rid of poverty directly and 35,000 poor people indirectly.


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